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ProjectPorkchop was created in an effort to reach more deviants on a long term basis, in order to continue bringing exposure to talented yet under appreciated artists across deviantART. As a continuation of my previous 'project' Fresh Meat ProjectPorkchop will have weekly features of artist we feel could use far more exposure to their art than they are currently recieving. Anyone is welcome to join, no matter how much exposure your art gets or how advanced your artistic skills may be.

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ProjectPorkchop Vol335

Sun Apr 20, 2014, 4:24 PM

ProjectPorkchop is all about bringing more exposure to the many talented yet under appreciated artists going unseen on deviantART daily. The artists chosen truly deserve more attention based on low counts of favorites, comments, and watchers, added to their incredible artistic talent.


pepper by KaterinaRaedrainbow under water_2 by KaterinaRaed
tasty time by KaterinaRaedSnowy Time by KaterinaRaed

Suggested by homunculus888 
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The Guardian by Arkel88Spirit of San Francisco by Arkel88
Mad scientist by Arkel88Assault by Arkel88

Suggested by homunculus888 
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The Gallic War book 1, page 13 by pegasusandcoThe Gallic War page 39, english preview by pegasusandco
Mongol by pegasusandcoDuel by pegasusandco

Suggested by homunculus888 
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Dimma by shhadowfangRose by shhadowfang
Amaranth by shhadowfangHeart of Stone by shhadowfang

Suggested by NotenSMSK 
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The Gargoyle Will Never Come to Life AgainLike a gargoyle, I can turn to stone,
but you are the night and you can melt
the rock that shapes my flesh and bone.
I feel your chill breeze on my skin
and painfully recall the sin
of the harrowed love I’d felt.
But when, that night, you came with smoke,
with ghostly stars and a flaming moon,
you waited, but I never awoke.
With my soul trampled by your feet,
in the sun and molten heat
my heart had stopped at noon.
Although you tried to understand,
you lingered all morning and covered the sun,
my lifeless wings would never bend,
for the eclipse you brought shaded my heart,
so my stone carcass would never come apart.
And you? You left to find another one.
She Bears the Banner Red as Blood“Have you seen her?” the knight asked those who passed him by,
“She bears the banner red as blood.”
But they just shrugged and slowly paced away.
They didn’t know. How could they?
They’ve lived their life in the same place
and seen the same things every day.
But the knight went on and asked the question.
He sought out sorcerers and prophets,
oracles and fortune tellers,
but none of them knew what to say.
No god, no crystal ball, no divine omen could speak the answer.
Until that faithful night…
The knight paused at a lonely tavern
by a playful fire, and asked the same question.
Then, that old and white-haired bard
who had been sitting quietly on a stone bench
got up and placed one wrinkled hand on the knight’s shoulder
and spoke with a warm voice:
“Ah, child, you seek the one who makes us men,
the one who can make our hearts bleed
when there is no more blood. And even then
she fills our mind with a lusting need,
The Necromancer King's Mistake         Warning
Chill winds crept in through the open window
and rustled dark sheets that covered the bed
where, with a troubled sleep and deep sorrow,
laid unmoving the king of the dead.
He opened his eyes and tossed the sheets aside
and got up and paced to the open window;
the full moon lit his pale face. He sighed
and sat down admiring the night queen’s glow.
He was uneasy. His shoulders weighed
with burdens so heavy, it felt the same
as being trapped. He was afraid
of something that he could not name.
‘I cannot grasp what disturbs me… It’s as if I hear
a dark and frightened shadow struggling to come near…
It begins to whisper hollow words in my ear,
they are erratic, senseless, yet I can feel its fear.
What can this mean? Perhaps a ghostly warning?'

He asked but dismissed such thoughts with frustration,
‘I am the powerful Necromancer King!
I rule a kingdom rich beyond imagination
and I need nothing els
The ForgottenI had a name once.
But you've never met me before. You see me now - a simple man.
Rest and I'll tell you, stranger, how my story began.
But no, forgive me, stranger. I'll only tell you the end.
It won't matter how it led off, but rather how it did expend.
I fought for them and for their lives. You ask me - who?
It matters not. I've already forgotten, if ever I knew.
They revered me as their Champion, and so took away my death,
they had sworn to honor me to their very last breath!
But do you know what happened, stranger? Time.
Its chasm tore away all that I called mine!
Its silent fiends gnawed at flesh and belief
and stole their lives, as a lingering thief!
They died, stranger! Time's winds swept over their bones,
I witnessed Time's catastrophes tear down their homes.
And there is nothing left of them. And you ask - what about me?
No, not even me. Not my name or my power, not even a memory.
Yet here I am, telling you my story. But no, I am not alive,
yet they made me immortal. And I ca

Suggested by NotenSMSK 
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farand Apr 11, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
What happens if I add Coke? :paranoid:
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Fanyuxuan Apr 8, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Is the group name inspired by the poem To this day - Shane Koyczan? 

Porkchops always reminds of that poem
Cloudiex Mar 17, 2014  New member Student General Artist
This is a great idea! It's so easy for talented artists to get bogged down in the crowd! :)
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